Looking to enhance Community Identity and Engagement through Public Art?

Mamam specialises in expert curation and management of art projects in public spaces.
As experts in public art curation, we have an extensive network of artists and channels for discovering new talent. We understand the challenges that councils face in selecting the right artist for their projects, which is why we put a strong emphasis on expert curation and match-making when pairing an artist with your project.

Public Art can be a powerful tool for activating public spaces and increasing community engagement. Our team works closely with councils to ensure that the public art projects we curate not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space but also serve as a catalyst for community activation.

Our experience in curating and managing mural projects allows us to enhance the character and identity of communities and transform bland or unremarkable areas into dynamic and captivating public spaces that tell a unique story.

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Tarneit Wayfinding Project
Tarneit, Victoria
Tarneit Wayfinding Project
Tarneit, Victoria
Urban Art
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